Ikea Day Out

These photos were taken at Ikea. Wanted to choose some pressie for a friend, ended went home empty handed. But i managed to captured a few out fit photo.. hehehe.. Super love the mustard scallop collars chiffon top from catinthebowl, easy to match with any bottom. Another nice black laced heels from Lush Serendipity, got it from their booth at e@curve. I worn it not more than 2 hrs and i can feel the pain. Just how much is the price we pay for fashion? Oftentimes the price is two sore feet at the end of a day in high heels. But i think it's worth.. like many women, high heels are worn to complete an outfit, make legs appear longer and leaner, and to give a little sass to our step. Don't you agree too?

scallop collars chiffon top - catinthebowl
Black cardi - store
highwaist pant - store
black laced heels - lush serendipity
vintage bag - store


Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara is the area we normally hang out. There're many restaurants and cafe that serve nice food. Besides Tutti Fruitti, I Heart Yogurt is another place where you can sit back, relax and enjoying a cup of scrumptious frozen yogurt! Compare to Tutti Fruitti, they don't have much selection of yogurt flavor, original, twist and mango flavor are the only choices. The mango flavor are just nice and i had grapes topping cuz i love grapes. Not to mention the grapes are really fresh and sweet ~~ This whole week they are giving away free toppings for every cup of yogurt you buy. Go ahead and take as much as your cup can fit!!!


I'm getting addicted with angry birds game recently. I guess not only me, the WORLD is addicted to angry birds. Even my 3 years old cousin knows how to play the game using her daddy iphone.

The are total 4 episodes in the game. The first episodes - poached eggs, containing 3 levels and each level has 21 sub-levels. There some levels which are quite tricky and sometimes made me act like "angry bird" too. I have not completed the game yet. So far, I have come to 2nd episode - mighty hoax. still have a long way to go @@ and the game become more and more tricky.

The story begins with some green pigs stealing eggs from a variety of birds, and the only way for the birds to vindicate this atrocity is to launch themselves from a slingshot in a suicidal attempt to take the lives of as many pigs as possible.
So.. beware with angry birds! Why? If you stole an egg from them, they are really ANGRY! They want to kill you! Haha. Scare? I like cute green pigs too. It is really funny when playing this game. So easy. You will have to break pigs' castles using birds!

There are different characters of angry birds that you need to know before you play it!

The red birds are basic type, while the yellow birds speed up in mid-flight when the screen is tapped and can destroy wood planks with ease. Blue birds split into three in mid-flight when the screen is tapped and therefore can destroy a wide range of the pig’s hide out. Black birds are like a time bomb and can do massive damage when detonated and white birds can drop an exploding egg .

I have done some screenshots below. They are just too cute isn't it? hehehe..

See.. the green evil piggies will laugh at you if you fail to destroyed them using the angry birds.. LoL.. ok.. shall continue my game.. hehehe
i have shared the file and you may download it from here or mail me at janicelsm08[at]gmail[dot]com. Let's go crazy with angry birds!!!


I love these set of photos. It was taken at Fullhouse.. again.. I was so excited too see them and can't wait to post the photos.. hehehe. Can't deny that Fullhouse is a very nice and sweet place to have photo shooting. Fullhouse signature dessert - Brownie with ice-cream and Tiramisu, both are too sweet for me. I had lavender mint tea usually as it makes me feel relaxing and have a peace of mind :D But the boyfie look tire cuz he is sick :( thanks for spending time with me although you are not feeling well. Hope that you will get well soon. There's one deco upstairs that really caught my eyes. The table, photo frame and the clock are looking really vintage.. not forgotten the cafe latte wall deco as well.. i love vintage stuffs !!!

Ok.. next is the outfit photo time.. The meadow knitted cardigan on me is something i adore from O.D.D. And i must said that i'm so lucky to have it !!!

meadow knitted cardigan - O.D.D.
black tank - store
ribbon shorts - online
bag - brings
flats - vern's


Really lazy and tire recently due to heavy work load. I found that my life is kinda boring nowadays and i having nothing to blog about. Everyday i'm counting down for BKK trip next month.. can't wait !!! As usual, having random dinner with bf and went to watch the movie - Priest. Shall end my post here with random outfit for today.

red hot cardi - store
peter pan collar top - online
white pant - store
vintage school bag - online
heels - store