I got a Starbucks treat from my supplier today which is green tea latte (hot). Recommended by Taylor. The first thing i noticed when i removed the cover was the absolutely "green latte". Looks not so nice but it smelled sweet. Love the green tea taste. It's a non coffee drink because it's made out of milk, matcha powder and melon syrup (i was getting cheated by the name itself as i thought it's a coffee drink). My collegue said that the iced is better. Perhaps i should try the iced one another day. Btw, it's good try for me, it makes my day ❤


Girls day out last Sunday. We went to Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant at Uptown.
Thanks to Winniy for the booking. We enjoyed the lunch buffet only at RM48 per person from 11.30am - 2pm. I only managed to captured this two as i was too busy eating. The sushi are just too nice and yummy. Worth it.

For this time, we hang out without Candice and Soik Yee. Everyone seems so busy after school life. Busy with own career. I really miss the good old days when we laugh out loud "very often" together. Just hoping everyone will be joining next time =)

Winniy's cute prince.
We was playing around with little Zi Yu that day. I just noticed that he likes to take photo. I was calling him to look to my camera for a photo shoot and he did !!! And he was exactly waited for me to give him photo shoots everytime i called.
He is just too cute ^^


Fullhouse Sunway Giza @16.02.2011


thanks for the roses ♥


At I-city with loon's family.

Group photo with my dear cousins after movie on nin cho yatt.
Time flies so fast. They all grown up. In my memory, they were so young and short.
Nowadays, most of them are even taller than me and i'm the eldest here , omg !!!
I don't wanna get old !!! T.T


Happy belated Birthday my dear ji mui =)

Group photo - 7 of us after 12 years ++ (plus cute little zi yu).
I ♥ this photo... perhaps we had not had a group photo for quite some time.
Best friends forever =)