Random Sunday

Random outfit post on a lovely Sunday.
Simple and casual is the best indeed.
Selling the studded sandal at De'flea Market Boutique
Comfy wear with nice workmanship. Mail me if you are interested to get one.
Have a nice day ^^

Happy Birthday To Me

*smoking pig.. so sute*

I'm officially 28 year old. Oh my god! I'm getting older.. LOL
Thank you for all the Birthday wishes ~

Island Getaway - The Pearl of the Orient

Went for a short getaway trip to Penang last few days to recharge myself. The first destination is the Golden Sand Resort at Batu Ferringhi.

Golden Sand Resort is redefined as a 4-stars deluxe accomodation. The resort is a veritable tropical paradise for vacationers and families located on Penang's popular Batu Feringgi beach.

Stunning view from my room, superb nice and breathtaking sea views.

Look at the sea, clouds and the blue sky, I'm so in love!

The island's new must-visit destination. The very first marina retail in Malaysia, Straits Quay at Seri Tanjung Pinang. Very classy and elegant British style.

Delicious cafe. You can view more photo here

The lighthouse.

Yatch station at Straits Quay.

Sea again. I love sea ^^

Met up with my dear Hui Ling. It has been almost 5 years we didn't meet each other since i graduated. Thanks dear for spending times with me, and we have a nice chat. Must take care ok, until we meet again next round. Miss ya

Hot Air Balloon Daydreams

It's day 2 since i quited my job
I have plenty of time for a break
I have plenty of time to plan for my next journey
But i just can't wait to start working on it
am i workaholic
am i start worrying
perhaps i should learn to relax my mind first

Looking for inspiration photos from the internet early in the morning
Loving this set of photos and they inspired me a lot.

I wish i'm in the hot air balloon
Flying across the blue sky and across the storm
I will follow the breeze
I followed my heart
In my daydreams i can fly

Step Into Hot Springs

A short family trip to Sungai Klah Hot Springs on National Day. The water is really clean surounded by the greenery of the hills. I feel regret that i did not capture more pics but only the private jacuzzi *bang my head*. I should have take more photos next time >.<

Sungai Klah is located 10km away from the town of Sungkai in Perak. Whether you are coming from the North or the South of Peninsular Malaysia, get to the nearest PLUS Highway and head for Sungkai toll exit. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Sungkai is approximately 90 minutes. After the exit, turn left at the junction. Follow the signage to Sg. Klah Hot Springs Park and you will pass Sungai Klah FELDA village before reaching here. If you are looking for a unique holiday with your family, try this park.

As you reach there, you need to pay for entrance fees of RM10 for adult and RM8 for children to get the tickets before driving in. There were a few pools with different temperatures. Most of the people soak only their legs into the water as the water is too hot. There were a few smaller pools that are deep enough for you to soak your whole body in. Unfortunately those pools were occupied when we reached.

We take the private pool cuz we prefer to have the privacy of soaking in a private atmosphere instead of joining the crowd at the big pool. They charge RM75 per hour for a standard private jacuzzi. You will need to reach there early if you decided to book for a private pool especially during weekend or public holiday cuz they do not allow any reservation and the private pool section close at 7pm. The pool is quite big for 4 of us, it can fit in maximum up to 8 person.The private pool allows us to soak entire body inside the water without the need to worry of getting 'cooked' alive in the hot water because we could actually control the temperature of the water! The water temperature range from 30 - 40 degree celsius. There were a notice near the resting area in the room advising us how long we should soak in the water and how many rest breaks we should in between. Too long in the water can pengsan leh! (I can feel the dizziness at the beginning.. LoL)

I have soaked myself in the hottest water in the jacuzzi that I could stand and my body feels great ♥ It's a great place to relax my mind and body muscles. Feeling refreshing after all. Definitely will go again.