November has come to the end.It has been a fruitful and productive month for me :D
In coming December, I will be attending the first bazaar for my Blogshop and i'll be hitting it with lotsa nice goodies and great bargains!So, don't miss out.Check out more details of the event here

Recently, I have gone on an Instagram craze and have been taking photos of everything and anything you can imagine with this special little app.Instagram is an app where you can snap photos with your iPhone and choose a filter to transform the look and feel.I use mostly the Earlybird / Rise filter because both often give my photos a vintage feel. It’s pretty amazing and I’m always happy with how the photos turn out.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve been taking so far:


Here are some photos sharing of my handmade flag bunting for coming bazaar. 

It has never been so easy to do hand stitching on the felt because the material is quite hard. I can feel the pain on my fingers. Unfortunately, i'm lacking of time to search for those polka dots fabric in different colors. So, i have decided to paste the dotties on the felt. 
It sounds crazy but i think it's really worth all the efforts ♥♥♥

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